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Lyons Talent Consulting commits to providing pro bono support to non-profits every year (up to 100 hours). Services can include talent advising, recruitment, social media management, communications, and more.

Organizations can be based in Canada or internationally.

Are you part of or know of a non-profit in need of support? Reach out!

2024 Organizations

Public Health Aid Awareness and Education Organization (PHAAE) is a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria that focuses on issues affecting women, adolescent girls and children in Africa.


PHAAE aims to tackle health-related inequalities and poverty in Nigeria with a solution-oriented approach to water, sanitation and hygiene issues. We share a joint cause with the United Nations in implementing SDG 6 with access to clean water and sanitation. Our long-term goal is to eradicate poverty and existing health issues by making clean water and sanitation facilities inclusive for all.


PHAAE is working towards closing inequality gaps in WASH in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa and other African countries. We aim to achieve our mission by building partnerships with governments, philanthropy organizations and international non-government organizations.

To learn more or donate, visit

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