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I have spent the past 13 years of my career focused on talent.  

My first recruiting role was at GoodLife Fitness, pretty much right after graduating from Western University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Major in the Sociology of Law, Crime & Deviance. I had spent several years working in the club, from handing out flyers in the grocery store to becoming Assistant General Manager.  I credit this management position for truly sparking my interest in people, growing talent, and recruitment. I decided to then pursue 2 post-graduate certificates - Human Resources Management and Career Development Practitioner (Career Counselling). 

I moved on to my first (and only) unionized recruiting gig at St. Joseph's Health Care, a group of hospitals and long term care facilities in my home town.   I was then headhunted to join a newly formed Talent Acquisition team at 3M. It was an exciting role, and my first taste of how big the world of recruiting is = so much more than just filling seats! This was also my first exposure working with International teams in the US, UK and Saudi Arabia.

As you can see already... I gained a lot of different industry experience quite early on in my career. I always found it exciting to jump into the unknown!


Following two contract positions, I was looking for a more stable home and landed at Citi - which also included a move to the big city of Toronto.  I learned so much about the world of Corporate/Investment/Private Banking, Sales & Trading, Banking Operations and campus programs.  While I still have a soft spot for Toronto, I was being pulled towards the mountains. I'm sure many know exactly what I mean by that! 

I was fortunate to have a 6-month contract at Travelers in Calgary turn into 6.5 years of international recruitment, program management, and all-around amazing growth experiences for my professional career. During my tenure, I was selected to support an insurtech Travelers invested in  throughout their high-growth phase, Zensurance. Building out the Recruitment function, training new leaders, and establishing effective talent operations to ensure organizational goals were met was exhilarating.


This taste into the start-up world led me to take a leap into, at the time, a 30 person digital MGA, APOLLO. Fast forward 18 months, I had hired over 100 people, helped the organization reach important milestones, progressed into a Director of People & Culture role and was thinking about what's next. I was driven by my desire to ensure the right talent is in the right seat, to manage change to make a high impact and to facilitate effective talent management strategies. I discovered that I thrived working with collaborative teams who all share the same vision and mission.

Enter Lyons Talent Consulting.

I'm excited for this next chapter of my career, sharing my broad recruitment, human resources, and industry experience to help organizations and individuals achieve growth.

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